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We employ a Power Float for our routine dentistry and continue to upgrade our training and equipment in this vital area of preventative medicine. 

Emergency Care 

Emergency care is provided for our client's horses 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This includes stabilization of patients before referral for hospitalization or emergency surgery.

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Specialist Consults

We consult when indicated or as per our client's request with several specialists in different areas of equine veterinary medicine. We periodically host second opinions/consults at our clinic. In addition, we have a good working relationship with different surgeons for orthopedic surgical cases. Since lameness diagnosis and treatment is our main area of interest, we have developed a contact network throughout North America of specialists in the different areas of lameness and diagnostics. 


An individualized program is recommended to reduce parasite load while at the same time decreasing the likelihood of developing parasite resistance to wormers. 

Our vaccination program for your horse considers its age and travel history. After nearly 30 years of practicing on the West Coast, we firmly believe Equine Influenza, Rhinopneumonitis (Flu/Rhino), and Tetanus are core vaccines for our area. Although there have been no reported cases of Sleeping Sickness (E.E.E. or W.E.E.) and West Nile virus originating in our area in the past 30 years, we still recommend these vaccines for horses travelling to the B.C. interior, U.S. or the rest of Canada. In addition, the Strangles intranasal vaccine is strongly recommended for horses travelling to competitions. 

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